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"Building Value for Our Customers by Bringing to Fruition Their Visions"

About Us

Wrapping vehicles is a passion of ours! One of the ways you can find a good "vehicle wrap shop" is to find someone who is over the top passionate about what they do. To us, this isn't a job, or a paycheck; no, this is our passion. We are craftsmen! There is a huge difference between just a worker and a craftsman. We are way over the top about what we do, ask any of the employees here. When a customer's vehicle leaves that we have just wrapped, I don't just want it to be "okay", I want it to be "perfect", that's being a craftsman. We are the ones who want to feel your passion and see your vision. The transformation from designing the projects, all the way through the process, to the last application of decals is so amazing. We absolutely love what we do. That's how you know you've found a quality sign company.

Executive Signs employees are wrap enthusiasts! With a combined experience level of over 65 years in business, you have found your go-to place for all your signage & vehicle lettering needs. "We want to help you build value in your business by bringing to fruition to the vision you carry". It's locked up in your heart & we help bring the the ideas to life. The look on our customers face when they see their freshly wrapped company truck is my favorite part. Their faces light up like that on Christmas Day, seeing that new ride. Almost everyone says "WOW" with mouth open wide. I love it, it's one of the reasons I want to personally be there each & every time a customer is picking their ride up. Whether it's the very first van being lettered or its number 60, I love to feel the excitement with our customers, it's one of the most rewarding positions to be in that I know. The comment "That's exactly what I wanted" comes to mind. It's a quote from so many of our clients!!

These are some of our team members:

"I believe in our employees, they are making a difference"

Dan Colvard

Dan Colvard is our Project manager, he's worked with us for over 3 years & has cutting edge ideas that will help bring bright themes and vivacious colors into your designs. He serves a vital roll in getting the artwork ready for installation. All the way from the design concepts to the finished vinyl material ready to install. Dan has over 20 years experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to each project we design for our customers. Dan will come up with an idea even if you have no idea what your looking for. So don't worry if your low on ideas, we have an arsenal of directions to go with. We can point you to areas to pick photos or you can just upload your finished artwork to our site using the "Upload File(s)" tab.

Shannon Merrell

I, Shannon Merrell am the owner of Executive Signs & Graphics. I opened the business in 1998 and been serving my community with a smile ever since. I'm married to my beautiful wife Rochelle. We have 6 children together, 4 of whom work with me on occasions.

Years ago God spoke to my heart in prayer and told me he would bless my business & that I was to do this full time. He truly has blessed us & we are able to testify to Gods unfailing love each and everyday! You see this business is Gods, period! I serve him and my community & it's a true pleasure to do so. We believe in the power of God and his grace to transform this city into a place that his presence can inhabit. I live for him & unto him everyday! We also believe in power of prayer and yes we are crazy about Gods love & how much he does love each and everyone of us. This is my pulpit for ministry by serving him and my community! Should you ever need prayer, Oh, by all means come by or call. We will call down heaven on your behalf, ask for revelation, provision or any need you may have, for our God is big enough to handle any situation. Or even a simple salvation prayer, it would be our honor to introduce you to him. Our God is a living God and he alone is the only God. Jesus is the only way to God and no one can get to The Father but through Jesus. John 14:6. Yes, this is why we are so passionate about what we are doing, we are called to this!

Here's a few more details about me.

I have years of art background going back to when I was a child. I'm often giving customers create ideas they want or help them discover what they want & help to pull out what they are trying to say. I've taught myself with very limited training how to install graphics and pretty much everything I know. When a job leaves our shop I want to know that it's done actually and the customer is tickled pink!! I have learned this business to the post that this knowledge is my craft. For I am a craftsman.

I am looking forward to helping you bring your passions to life. Give us the opportunity to show you why over 400 other businesses use Executive Signs & Graphics as "their sign shop" & "fleet washing experts".

Come & see why I am so crazy about vehicle wraps & signs. Stop by our shop 8:30-5 m-f, introduce yourself and we'll sit and talk and find out how we can serve you. God has given us an opportunity to serve our community through this avenue and we want to do it to the absolute best of our ability. May God richly bless you in your endeavors! If we can offer to assist you in the process please do call me, I'm here to help bring out your passions in life!

Robb Prahl

Robb Prahl, has been in the sign industry for over 20 years. As I work with him I see just how passionate he is about the job. When it comes to graphic installation I've seen a spirit of excellence in him! He's the one that's always here early, he's the one that calls me when he has a concern about how the graphics will look when applied, should there be a concern. He's even been more picky about an area of question than I have been at times, and that's really picky. The knowledge he has brought to Executive Signs is phenomenal. Rob has a young child that's about a-year-old as of 2016 and he loves that little girl and he's very crazy about his wife, always wanting to serve her and be there for her. I've seen few men like him. He's also holds the talent of designing projects as well & knows many different aspects of the sign shop business.

Tom Gould

Tom Gould is our keeper of the books. I've known Tom since about 2002. Tom is probably the most precise man I know when it comes to numbers and figuring out financial concepts. He is probably just shy of being a genius, no I think he is a genius when it comes to numbers. Anytime I question his numbers I usually have to put my foot in my mouth all the way to my knee. He can calculate numbers in his head that I can't even fathom and he's got the answer before I even get the calculator out of the drawer. Tom is amazing and he has added a proficiency to our team that we have lacked for many years in the field of finance. Tom has worked with me since 2014 and has brought a sense of accountability to the business that is paralleled to none. His wisdom in every day life, priceless! Tom is a dear friend personally and in business and I would trust him with anything! His relationship with Jesus and the grace of God is his soul purpose for being on this planet & it's a true delight to know him and to get work with him.

Christian Merrell

Christian Merrell, yes my oldest son is becoming an excellent installer. He's worked with me since before I had an actual office. We would travel all over the state working for our clients. He began learning the business when he was 11 or 12. He's now 21 as of 2016 & taller than his dad, not funny!!

I remember Christian would meticulously remove decals from trucks, and when pulling letters off of the sides of these trucks, he would take them off so carefully as to not deform the letters. He would then take those letters and spell words with them on his shirt and tell me, "dad look"! His shirt would read "will work for food," and he would have me rolling laughing. On another occasion, we went to a particular job site where we had 42 tractors to remove decals and to install new ones, and together we did it in one day. However, I did get to see the sunrise while he was fast asleep in the car from a very long 20 hour workday. Note that he had been asleep for hours, but dad just didn't want to stop. Christian is a fine young man and becoming quite a leader himself. He is a talented musician and writes and composes music. When I hear his music I usually stand in awe thinking, my gracious where did you learn to write like that and how did you learn to play music so eloquently? I believe that he is going to make quite a name for himself in the coming years, so watch out world, Christian Merrell will be one to be looking for!

Damino Eaton

Damino Eaton, is our newest team member. He previously worked at The local Maserati car dealership dealership as the detail manager. Our business with the detail side of our company is a vital position for our customers. Many of our customers that we wrap vehicles for letter need to keep these trucks clean. His position is extremely important to help the customers completed artwork to stay looking good. Image is very important especially when accompanied with a vehicle graphics that contains a marketing message. He's very precise and loves what he does. Over the years I've had many employees that work as detailers, Damino is different, he has a passion about what he does and it shows and his attitude is amazing!

Other Staff

We have several other employees who add Great value to this company, mostly who are part time and work when they're able!