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Branding and Rebranding

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Your business only has one chance to make a first impression with a potential customer. It could be from gazing at your truck while in traffic, a quick drive by the sign in front of your storefront or a glance at your business card as they put it in their pocket. You want this first impression to be a good impression because a lot of decision making happens subconsciously based on how people feel about your company. Branding is all about making them feel the right way in those moments.

Raleigh area branding experts

Executive Signs and Graphics know how to design a logo and brand experience that will focus on creating the right impressions with the people you need to target. Every business has a different demographic that will be their most likely customer, so every business needs to brand differently. Knowing how to make those subtle design decisions is everything.

Our graphics team has fine-tuned this process over the years. We can deliver a brand that reaches out specifically to your target demographic and influences them to not only notice your business but to become a customer. The colors used, the fonts, the use of negative space, the business name, the motto and much, much more need to be chosen carefully. Let us do this for you so it's right the first time and you can start attracting the right customers immediately.

Creation and application of branded materials

What's great about working with Executive Signs and Graphics is we are a one-stop shop. After we've created your logo and brand experience, we can go to work applying it across multiple platforms. We will create vehicle wraps for your fleet, business cards for all your employees, a business sign for your storefront, branded swag and anything else you need. Applying this new brand everywhere you have a presence is a major part of making the effort a success. We can connect these two parts, so it's done right.

Those in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and the surrounding Triangle area of North Carolina can count on Executive Signs and Graphics to create a new brand or to rebrand their business in an effective, targeted way that will lead to sales.

Call us today at 919-596-1295 to speak with an experienced designer about branding or rebranding your business. You may also request a quote or consultation via our website form. We offer a complete service that starts at consultation, moves into design, then into creation, and finally installation.