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Design Stage

So how do you have an effective marketing strategy? Designing an effective campaign doesn't have to be difficult. Computer technology these days allow designers like ourselves to come up with some basic things from ideas that you have or images that you want to work with. As long as the images are of high quality we can usually integrate that into a marketing campaign. If you do not have a design in mind but you just have a thought for a theme those ideas we can work with also. Designing an affective way to reach your future clients is as easy as 123. If this is your first time attempting to have someone design a marketing campaign, our suggestions are to "keep it simple". Executive Signs can design most any possible idea you have. The more challenging design plans will encompass more 3-D imaging, or the creation of items where it's not just copy and paste. Using 2-D & 3-D effects can get quiet costly, however, if your marketing budget allows for more extravagant out reach then let's make it happen. Some projects can be extremely lengthy and developing an entire marketing campaign while others we can just come up with the basic logo an idea and usually is pretty effective to hit a market that you're trying to reach. For instance if your services are food or food vending trucks making sure the information is clear and precise. Have a base theme with colors. More & more, customers are wanting fully Digital design artwork for sight recognition and branding. If you plan on scaling the business, have a marketing plan that works is extreme important. So how do you have an effective marketing strategy? Don't necessarily list every service that you have every ingredient every item customers can choose that once they come up to you and request your product. Or for instance if you're a landscaper list a 2-3 items you offer or one line items thats clearly your specialties, like landscape design or landscape architect or even landscape maintenance. Listing "everything you can do" that's within your capabilities is not important, those items can be addressed if and when the customer asks.

However we can help we will do our best to assist you in bringing you desired marketing plan together & hit a home run for you!

Our goal is to make your vision so real and clear that the people needing your services can easily find you & reaching you, is a breeze.

The "Design stage" for preparing a marketing strategy, needs to be a very strong message. One thing that really bothers me is when I am see a company can that has a design in it that says nothing, it has weird colors, sometimes off colors because someone thinks it'll get the message out there. Often, that couldn't be further from the truth. If the colors or design don't complement the idea, where is it trying to go? Why spend money on an advertising by a vehicle wrap that says so little or too much, information overkill. Or not saying strong enough words that capture your audience. On average while driving down a road, you will Capture an audience for three seconds. Think about it, if you had to say something to a potential customer and you only had three seconds would you be long-winded or use weird colors with no message or a week message? No, three seconds is not a lot of time to catch a potential customer. Simple and smart yet a strong message, that will capture an audience you want to reach. Once you catch the attention of your target market, then it's "Game On"! When designing a marketing strategy, you need to remember two things! One, how do I capture my potential audience and two, how do I convert that attention into business. That's why it's so important not to turn people away with a weak graphics design, after all, why are you advertising!

Do you remember the movie Brewster's Millions, his goal was that he had to spend $3 million in 30 days, in order to get $300 million. In the movie he started a political campaign to spend money to not be elected. But in his campaign he started gaining a vast audience of supporters who would vote for him when election would come but he was just trying to spend money it to get more. It was an effective simple campaign "None of The Above". Everyone wanted to follow him because he was tired of politicians going nowhere and accomplishing nothing. His message hit a nerve. That's what we aim to do, hit a nerve with someone for your product, a service that you offer that they are looking for. Simple yet effective! Our design team will come up with creative powerful messages that make your vehicle wrap a walking moving message that people will want to do business with.