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Industry Terms

"Color matching" is a term people are now using to turn a color change for more upscale cars. It's as close as painting a car a solid color without the heavy cost. Metallic, matte black, satin black or other colors, there's over 100 colors to choose from. Don't settle for imitations and don't settle for less than 3-M in our opinion it's the only way to go. We've installed other products and replaced other products, 3M seems to be the one that makes the biggest difference and lasts the longest.

"Carbon Fiber wraps" are very popular. And they're actually pretty easy to install also, if you know what your doing. Carbon Fiber wraps are a very ritzy and sleek design. It's engineered to really be a stand out among other wraps. We recently wrapped the crash bars 2007 Porsche 911, once completed they looked like they were done from the factory the design of the carbon fiber makes it easy to overlap and hides any overlapping lines as if they aren't even there. We also wrapped an entire trailer for Deans Wrecker Service to haul specialty bikes "the Harley style".

"Camo wraps" are highly popular in the hunting community. Be careful if you park in the woods and you wrap your car with camo wrap you might not be able to find it if you park in a dense forest in the woods, and the dear might fall sleep on the leather seats, prop the seats back with their hooves up and lock you out of your truck. Lol. Camo wraps come in many many different colors design patterns and styles they even have pink to peel to the lady hunters out there.

"Rocker kits" or "rocker panel wraps" are a hit for most truck enthusiasts. Rocker panels can be ordered in kits for windows bumpers tire guards in the lower areas of your truck and hoods, just about anything on the vehicle really. These are great ways to protect your trucks cars vans any type of vehicle from rock kick ups.

"Truck skins" or "shrink wraps" as some people call mobile billboard advertising. However the terms are used vehicle graphics truck scams shrink wraps are all terms how people know how to describe what they're looking for. They're all one in the same the only difference that some my account is an actual removable banner system. These are typically put on flat panel box trucks or trailers. The banner systems are installed with a canvas styled locking clips that are riveted in place on the aluminum rails on the box truck and then quarter-inch aluminum rods are slid into pockets that are seven into the banner designs then D rings are installed on the two opposite ends holding down the banners tightly in position and look like vehicle wraps from a distance.

"Vinyl graphics" are the synopsis and same thing as vehicle wraps.

"Truck banners" are used because they're interchangeable fairly quickly and with minimal effort. Same artwork applies to vehicle wraps as they do to the banner systems. They only differences they can be a little less costly and the labor is much lower. One downside to the banner systems on trucks are because it's a textured surface like a regular banner is it's very hard to keep clean I've installed hundreds upon hundreds of banner systems on trucks and in less the vehicles are washed about every other day it is very difficult to keep them clean over a long period of time. In some cases the graphics become very dark and hard to read those are more exceptional cases where people just don't wash the vehicles at all.

"Partial wraps" used when a full color change isn't necessary but they want to have a subtle rap scene involving some color designs possible services offered through the business model. Marketing with partial wraps are just as effective sometimes as for wraps.

"Vehicle lettering" is the more traditional style of advertising on vehicles. Vehicle lettering whether on windows, tailgates, back doors, driver & passenger doors no matter what your message that is the age-old stay for marketing it just simply identify your vehicle with lettering instead of the wraps, those of been used far more and far out number the wraps on the road. However, vehicle graphics and wraps are becoming more and more popular. The costs also can vary according to size certain color and styles.

"Window perf" is becoming a very highly used marketing campaigns for and in conjunction with vehicle wraps or just simple back windows occasionally side windows of vehicles when the vehicle itself is not receiving the full lettering or wraps. You can typically get a window graphic installed for between $150-$250. $150 for more simple single install on flat solid glass $250 for more when there are mirrors in when guards in the way that we have to work around. And warranties from manufactures typically only cover a one year replacement warranty for material and labor. Sometimes window perf is also called, "Clings or window clings".